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Twin Oaks Golf Course Wedding Photography

date. 2023

city. San Marcos

venue. Twin Oaks Golf Course

project. 1 Photo & 1 Video

Team. Jake (photo), Jerry (video)

color treatment. Cinema

special notes. 

Janine & Marks wedding is at one of my all time favorite venues! Twin Oaks Golf Course may not be the most exquisite venue, but its simple charm and to die for layout makes it a dream for vendors to work in. Everything location I need to go to as a photographer is within 100 feet of each other. The venue gives photographers (most) free reign of the golf course to capture amazing images for the bride and groom. Not to mention the ceremony site and accompanying grounds are incredibly beautiful. I like to think as Twin Oaks Golf Course as a premium canvas for couples to add too, making it entirely their own. 

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